Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To love people by bringing hope, restoration, practical aid and positive change to their lives, presenting them with the benefits of Christian values and influencing decision-making in every sphere of their society.


 Believe Global aims to effect significant positive change in five areas that form the foundation of every society:



“To build transformational, community-minded churches that establish faith in their people”


“To influence the ‘mindset’ of the nation to promote positive outcomes”


“To empower the future generation to contribute with competency and proficiency”


“To facilitate sustainable planning, employment and development”


“To revolutionize existing health and hygiene practices”

By targeting these 5 areas through various mission endeavours, Believe Global will facilitate long-term, positive transformation of nations.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mission Trip?

What type of activities will I be participating in?

You can expect to participate in activities such as presenting the message of Christ, verbally or in dramatic form, in schools and marketplaces, visiting people in hospitals, prisons, halfway houses and orphanages, helping with small refurbishment projects and assisting with the logistics of large night rallies.

Do I get to choose the activities?

These trips are carefully scheduled to facilitate a safe, rewarding and varied experience for everyone. It is not possible therefore, to plan your own activities.

Will I receive training?

Yes! Several training nights precede every trip to ensure that you are well educated, equipped, appropriately positioned and feeling confident for the tasks you will be involved in. There is no need to worry!

How do I apply to come on a trip?

Email [email protected] to be informed of the application process.

Can I cancel the trip?

Yes, however, terms and conditions apply for any payments made up until the point of cancelation. Email [email protected] for terms and conditions.

How many volunteers attend these trips?

It varies, but usually several hundred. You will be assigned to a particular team of approximately 20-25 members.

Will I need a passport?

Yes! Please ensure that the expiry date on your passport is at least 6 months beyond the nominated travel dates.