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The Believe Global mandate is to bring sustainable change to the nations, beginning with the Pacific region. We believe that we have a call to impact nations, proclaiming the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.


In 2016, we launched our first Believe Campaign in Papua New Guinea, and sent out a team of missionaries to minister in marketplaces, hospitals and children’s homes spreading the Gospel message throughout the nation of Papua New Guinea.


This foundation trip expanded to a three-year nation-wide Believe Campaign, where we saw over 440 missionaries sent to the nation of Papua New Guinea, 102 schools impacted, and 149,500 people respond to the Gospel. With teams ministering throughout the entire nation of Papua New Guinea, we were able to speak into the mindsets of a generation, empowering over 32,000 school students with messages of hope and change. 


Beyond the mass-scale transformation of a nation were the individual lives impacted by the programs run throughout the campaign. We witnessed innumerable miracles take place as we ministered in the streets, marketplaces and business centres of Papua New Guinea, and we saw God’s miraculous healing in hospitals and churches as our teams ministered across the country.


One particular transformation occurred when we had the wonderful opportunity to minister in Bomana Prison. We were able to preach the Gospel and witness hundreds of men and women respond. As part of our abiding commitment, we were then able to build and establish an inaugural Believe Centre, empowering prisoners with indelible leadership and social skills to become thriving members of the community.


Observing the impact and success of the Believe Campaign in Papua New Guinea, we journeyed forth to lay the foundations of another Believe Campaign in the Pacific Island Nation of Fiji. In 2018, a small team of missionaries set out to start a movement that would unlock Fiji’s greatest asset – Her people. 


In August of 2019, the Believe Fiji campaign culminated with nation-wide initiatives in the three major regions of Suva, Lautoka and Labasa. In each of these regions, night rallies were held to empower the people of Fiji and to proclaim the Gospel. The rallies saw 25,000 Fijians in attendance in Labasa, 58,000 Fijians in Lautoka, and 65,000 Fijians in attendance in the capital city of Suva.


Throughout our two-week campaign in Fiji, Believe ministered to over 220,000 people, with 89,000 people making a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. We saw countless miracles in  marketplaces, hospitals and churches throughout the nation, and had the opportunity to minister in local primary schools and high schools bringing a message of Change.


Speaking to over 65,240 school students in 70 high schools and 46 primary schools, our teams shared a message of transformation, encouraging all students that they were the change that Fiji needed. We truly believe that transformation begins with the next generation, and we believe that the brightest days are ahead for the great nation of Fiji.

Believe Global witnessed transformational change in the nations of Papua New Guinea and Fiji in just a short four-year period. We saw a combined total of 800 missionaries sent impacting the lives of over 680,340 people. This is just the beginning for the transformation of nations, and we would love for you to be a part of this monumental, global movement as we embark on future Believe Campaigns in the Pacific.

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