We believe in the greatness of the South Pacific nations and the region’s untapped potential, which is rich in culture and resources.

Because a nation’s greatest asset is its people, our mission is to build nations by empowering people and communities to realise their full potential and forge a brighter future together.
Believe Global Vision

Mission Statement

Believe Global aims to effect significant and sustainable change in five areas that form the foundation of every society:
Believe Global Mission: Leadership


To influence the mindset of the nation so that there is united progress towards a preferred future
Believe Global Mission: Education


To empower the next generation to contribute to the nation’s future with competency and proficiency.
Believe Global Mission: Business


To facilitate sustainable planning, employment and development.
Believe Global Mission: Health


To revolutionise existing health and hygiene practices.
Believe Global Mission: Church


To build transformational, community-minded churches that establish faith in their people.